How to use:

Look: Click & drag the screen to look around

Move: Click on the floor to move to that position


Digital Showroom

The Digital Showroom is the latest in high-tech presentation, enabling customers to explore your project interactively. It is the perfect sales tool: you can use it to bring the showroom to your customers.

Dreamarvel combines ingenious 3D techniques with motion graphics and sound effects to immerse someone in your project. The users of a Digital Showroom can control their own experience, by choosing what they want to see. They can explore the project at their own leisure, for as long as they want.

Your Digital Showroom can be deployed on your website, and on most popular smart phones and tablets. Your customers can interact with your project from anywhere, at anytime.

A digital showroom is the height of 3D visualization. This piece of digital artistry will present your project in a unique way. Like all Dreamarvel services, a Digital Showroom is packaged to suit your requirements. It will show your project with understated grace and elegance, featuring rich colors, smooth polish, and virtuoso style.