From Fantasy to Reality – Showcasing Visions

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, the race to capture a buyer’s attention and harvest information has reached new heights. To sell a product or service, advertisers have to come up with amazing concepts, a virtuoso mish mash of audio, video and interactivity, capable of mesmerizing your audience and leaving a lasting impression. These campaigns should not only impress people, but also inform clearly the benefits of your product but also persuade them to take action and collect their feedback.

In these campaigns, technology plays a crucial role. A masterfully designed 3D animation, an innovative concept making use of cutting edge technology or a expertly implemented social media initiative which goes viral. Any of these could be the difference between the success and failure of a campaign.

Here at Dreamarvel, we can turn your fantasy into reality. Having worked with many local and international clients such as PICO, RAPP and Forbidden City (China), you may rest assured that our teams are capable of delivering on even the most artistic and technically complex of projects.






If needed, our experienced team of designers will walk with you right from the beginning to help you generate your concept and understand your needs. Be it 3D Animation, Augmented Reality or any other Digital Interactive systems, utilizing the latest in technology, we will help you produce the cutting edge solution you need to wow your target audience, and collect any information you need. In any campaign, time is of the essence. Our experienced project managers ensure timely delivery of the utmost quality, making sure you never miss that golden opportunity. 

At Dreamarvel we turn your visions into reality, contact us to know more. The possibilities are endless, and every project is a masterpiece waiting to be born.