Boiler Master Service Illustration Animation

Through well developed 3D animation, we have helped Boiler Master to promote their services to their potential customers with ease. Highlighting their unique services and explaining highly technical procedures with concise and easy-to-follow 3D scenes. 





NTU Ventures Re-dedication Ceremony Presentation

This presentation was shown at the Rededication Ceremony of Innovation Centre hosted by NTU Ventures Pte Ltd. The slideshow was designed to create a nostalgic atmosphere for the event, instantly invoking memories of the past. Careful selection and syncronization of various audio features such as background music and sound effects, allowed us to showoff a more dynamic presentation which successfully maximized emotional expression and recreated the desired mood.




Great Eastern EMAS system Demo Presentation

Dreamarvel worked on interface design and mockup animations on a new electronic management platform for the client’s internal proposal to the management . The client was looking for a clean, high-tech, modern look and feel, which Dreamarvel successfully delivered.





People's Association Courses Video

The PA Courses video presentation, which introduces the different courses that were held by people's association throughout the year was created by Dreamarvel. Using a mix of 3D animation and post production techniques, Dreamarvel was able to convey the essence of each course to the viewers.



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